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Welcome to the PushFeedback documentation! In a few minutes, you'll have the PushFeedback widget up and running on your site.

1. Create your PushFeedback account

To use the PushFeedback widget, start by setting up your account:

  1. Open

  2. Click on the Sign Up button located in the top bar.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account.

    Create account

With your account ready, move on to creating your first project.

2. Create a project

Follow these steps to initiate a new project:

  1. In your PushFeedback dashboard, click the Projects tab in the top navbar.

  2. Click the Create project button.

  3. Step through the wizard, providing details about your project as prompted:

    Create project

    1. URL configuration: Enter the URL where you plan to install the feedback widget. Remember, this should be a specific subdomain (e.g.,, not the primary domain.
    2. Email notification setup (optional): You have the option to define up to three email addresses that will receive notifications. This step is optional, but if you want immediate alerts for feedback, it's beneficial.
    3. Get your code snippet: The final step of the wizard will present a pre-populated code snippet tailored to your project. This code contains your unique Project ID and is ready for integration with your website.

3. Add the widget to your site

To integrate the PushFeedback widget into your website:

  1. Insert the following code within the <head> section of your site's HTML:

    <!-- Initialize the PushFeedback widget -->
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
    <script type="module" src=""></script>

    The above method is the standard way of integrating the widget into an static HTML site. If you're using a particular web framework or content management system, PushFeedback offers tailored installation options and plugins. For a comprehensive guides, refer to our Installation documentation.

  2. Just before the closing </body> tag of your website's HTML, add the following snippet:

    <feedback-button project="<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>" button-position="bottom-right" modal-position="bottom-right" button-style="light">Feedback</feedback-button>

Replace <YOUR_PROJECT_ID> with your project's ID you obtained from the previous step.

4. Customize the widget

Get the PushFeedback widget to blend with your website's design and functionality. Here's a quick look at some customization options:

  • Position: Choose the widget's placement on your site—bottom right, top left, or even integrate it with an existing button.

  • Look and feel: Modify colors, fonts, and more to ensure the widget harmonizes with your site's aesthetics.

  • Text: Adapt the widget's text to mirror your site's tone or language.

For detailed configuration steps, see our Configuration documentation.

Next steps

Congratulations on setting up the PushFeedback widget! Now, your users can submit feedback from your site.

Stay proactive. Monitor your dashboard to gain insights from user feedback and improve your website accordingly.