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The PushFeedback button is highly customizable, allowing you to customize its behavior to suit your application's needs. This page lists all available properties you can use to adjust the behavior and appearance of the PushFeedback button in your application.


To customize the properties, you need to set the appropriate attributes on the <feedback-button> element in your HTML. For example:

<feedback-button project="YOUR_PROJECT_ID" button-style="dark" hide-icon="true">Feedback</feedback-button>


The table below lists all the available properties you can set:

Type: string

The project ID.
button-positionType: string
Default value: default
Available values: default, bottom-right, center-right

Position of the button.
button-styleType: string
Default value: default
Available values: default, dark, light

Style of the button.
custom-fontType: boolean
Default value: false

When set to true, the Inter font will not be loaded. Useful if your site already uses a different font, enabling a quicker load time.
hide-emailType: boolean
Default value: false

Whether to hide the email input.
email-addressType: string

Initial value for the email input field.
hide-iconType: boolean
Default value: false

Whether to hide the button icon.
hide-screenshot-buttonType: boolean
Default value: false

Whether to hide the screenshot button.
modal-positionType: string
Default value: center
Available values: center, sidebar-right, sidebar-left, top-right, top-left, bottom-right, bottom-left, center-right, center-left

Position of the feedback modal.
hide-privacy-policyType: boolean
Default value: true

Whether to hide the privacy policy checkbox.
privacy-policy-textType: boolean
Default value: I have read and expressly consent to the terms of the <a href=''>Privacy Policy</a>.

Privacy policy text.
ratingType: number
Default value: None

Rating selected by default. Available values: 1...5. In thumbs mode, 0 means thumbs down and 1 thumbs up.
hide-ratingsType: boolean
Default value: false

Wether to hide the ratings input.
rating-modeType: string
Default value: thumbs

Available values: thumbs, stars

Type of rating system.


Here you'll find practical examples to guide you in customizing the PushFeedback button for various use cases.

Change the button style

Create a floating button

Add the widget to any button

Change modal position


For an optimal viewing experience of this demo, select the 0.25x zoom level on CodePen.

Prefill email

Enable privacy policy

Enable stars rating