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PushFeedback provides comprehensive text customization options, allowing you to align the feedback button's textual content with your company's tone or support various languages. By customizing these properties, you can ensure a consistent user experience that reflects your brand's voice or caters to your diverse user base.


To customize the textual properties, set the respective attributes on the <feedback-button> element in your HTML. Here's an illustrative example:

email-placeholder="Enter your email"
modal-title="Give us your thoughts">
Button text


The table below lists all the available properties you can override:

email-placeholderType: string
Default value: Email address (optional)
Placeholder text for the email input field.

error-messageType: string
Default value: Please try again later."
Message displayed when there's an error submitting feedback.

modal-title-error-4-0-3Type: string
Default value: The request URL does not match the one defined in PushFeedback for this project."
Message displayed when there's a 403 error submitting feedback.

modal-title-error-4-0-4Type: string
Default value: We could not find the provided project id in PushFeedback.
Message displayed when there's a 404 error submitting feedback.

message-placeholderType: string
Default value: Comments
Placeholder for the feedback message input.

modal-titleType: string
Default value: Share your feedback
Title of the feedback modal.

modal-title-errorType: string
Default value: Oops!
Title displayed when there's an error submitting feedback.

modal-title-successType: string
Default value: Thanks for your feedback!
Title displayed upon successful feedback submission.

screenshot-button-textType: string
Default value: Take a Screenshot
Tooltip text for the screenshot button.

screenshot-topbar-textType: string
Instructional text when taking a screenshot.

send-button-textType: string
Default value: Send
Text for the button that submits feedback.

rating-placeholderType: string
Default value: Was this page helpful?
Heading for the feedback rating feature (thumbs).

rating-stars-placeholderType: string
Default value: How would you rate this page
Heading for the feedback rating feature (stars).